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Real – a place of glory built with pride

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Real - a place of glory built with pride 3
Real - a place of glory built with pride 3

In one year, Real suffered two `turns around`: one from comrades promising to establish a Super League and one from Kylian Mbappe.

But at the end of the road, Real has the right to boast of the two most important titles: La Liga and the Champions League, even though the squad is among the most `popular` in history and the average age seems to be ready to go..

Mbappe will be the Golden Ball of the future, most say so.

Real players lifted the Champions League Cup after defeating Liverpool 1-0 in the final on the evening of May 28.

At Real, people say that success does not come from superstars or flashy presidents, but from a proud spirit called Madridismo, a spirit forged by the splendor and ruin of hundreds of years of history.

But this club also has a fighting culture.

It will be very difficult to answer the cause and effect question: in the end, did Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Benzema or Thibaut Courtois reach the top so they returned to Real or did they reach the top thanks to Real?


Real - a place of glory built with pride

Courtois collapsed to block Salah’s shot near the end of the match.

Looking back at history, we will see that Real always has a warrior spirit with it.

But Real’s path to glory is not only due to the efforts of the old guard.

In recent years, Real has not pursued a specific football philosophy.

Real - a place of glory built with pride

The perfect combination of experience and youth between generations of players like Benzema and Vini helped Real reach the top of glory this season.

Mbappe’s `turn around` is actually not the first time Real had put all its hope into a star but was disillusioned.

After missing Neymar, Real also immediately switched to strategy: buying people who are about to become Neymar.

The legendary 14 C1 Cup/Champions League started in 1956. Real defeated Stade de Reims 4-3 despite being two goals behind after only 10 minutes.

At the Bernabeu, there will be no void left by Mbappe.

And Mbappe, were you in Paris yesterday?

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