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Retired Chinese general warns of armed conflict with India

Retired Chinese general warns of armed conflict with India 3
Retired Chinese general warns of armed conflict with India 3

Tensions between India and China increased significantly after a deadly brawl on June 15 in the Galwan valley, located between the Indian-controlled Ladakh region and Chinese-controlled Aksai Chin.

Some retired generals and senior officers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have called on the country’s officials to prepare more for escalating tensions, such as giving soldiers on the border more authority to confront

Kieu Luong, a former major general of the PLA Air Force, said that China needs to prepare for escalation and armed conflict even though the possibility of a full-scale war with India is still low.

Indian fighters swarmed over the town of Leh, near the border with China, on June 26.

`If we have to go to war, we need to attack quickly and limit it to a small or medium scale to cause pain to our opponents, thereby gaining respect through small wars,` Kieu Luong wrote and affirmed a statement.

Expert Vuong Van Phi, a former PLA naval officer, said that Beijing should increase support for frontline soldiers, such as giving them the right to fight back against an intrusion without waiting for approval from their superiors.

`We should strengthen surveillance along the border area and if the Indian army enters Chinese territory along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), we will resolutely counterattack. This should not be limited

`The Indian Army repeatedly crossed the border, destroying China’s outposts, roads and other military facilities. If this happens again, the Chinese side should use stronger measures to destroy China’s military base.`

Wang Yunfei said that the Chinese military should equip forces on the border with non-lethal weapons such as laser guns, tear gas and stun grenades after news that India allowed the use of guns and bullets.

Retired Chinese general warns of armed conflict with India

Location of Indian and Chinese soldiers’ deadly brawl on the evening of June 15.

Indian media reported that the country’s army authorized commanders to use guns and ammunition in `special situations` along the LAC.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused China of sending large numbers of soldiers and weapons along the LAC, violating bilateral agreements, and declared that India `must deploy forces to respond`.

Tensions on the India-China border broke out in early May. A large number of PLA soldiers then advanced deep into the area controlled by India and set up tents in three locations in the Ladakh region.

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