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Russia’s economic challenges seen from a sausage tree

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Russia's economic challenges seen from a sausage tree 3
Russia's economic challenges seen from a sausage tree 3

There are many ways to assess the severity of the financial turmoil gripping Russia.

But for Galina Mityaeva – a 69-year-old housewife in Moscow, this difficulty can also be measured in centimeters.

`Every time I go shopping, I see that the goods are more expensive. Everyone is angry. In the supermarket, there are always people complaining like this: ‘What can I buy for 1,000 rubles?’

A customer is choosing items at a store in Moscow.

7 months after President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea, sparking a wave of sanctions from the West and a massive withdrawal of capital from investors, causing the ruble to seriously depreciate, all consumers across Russia are worried.

20-year-old student Natalya Lomteva had to cancel her plans to travel abroad because she `didn’t have enough money`.

Food prices soared after Mr. Putin placed a ban on imports from the US and the West in August, in retaliation for economic sanctions on the country.

The Russian central bank had to raise the basic interest rate three times this year, to the current 8%.

Some products are even gradually disappearing in this country.

Marina Khomenko – a 56-year-old teacher said it is increasingly difficult for her to find Nivea cosmetics or the C&A clothes she is used to.

Mityaeva recorded a list of items that have increased in price recently, such as bread, milk, butter, sour cream, and chicken wings.

`I can stop eating caviar, but I can’t quit smoking. Life is becoming increasingly difficult,` she lamented.

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