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The blow from Russia can make the West worried

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The blow from Russia can make the West worried 6
The blow from Russia can make the West worried 6

Over the past year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned of unpredictable consequences if the West crosses the `red line` that Moscow considers threatening the country’s security.

`Russia’s response will be quick, tough and not just limited to the same level,` Putin said in April 2021, referring to unusual military moves that Moscow can take if the opponent

Western anxiety increased after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced on January 14 that Moscow could deploy naval forces, and did not rule out the option of sending troops to Cuba and Venezuela, countries

The current crisis in relations between Russia and the West began in November 2021, when US intelligence accused Moscow of deploying about 100,000 troops close to three sides of Ukraine’s border with a plan to `attack` the country.

Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly denied plans to send troops across the border, and at the same time made eight security demands to the West, including preventing NATO from admitting Ukraine and expanding to the east, and asking the US to withdraw completely.

Russia, the US and NATO last week held a series of negotiations to discuss European security, but all failed to achieve breakthrough results.

Russian T-72B3 tanks opened fire during a drill in the Rostov region, south of the country, on January 12.

Faced with increasingly drastic messages from Russia, US national security advisor Jake Sullivan said on January 15 that Washington and its allies `are ready for any unexpected situation`.

Two commentators commented that the clearest scenario based on the current situation on the ground is that Russia will send troops across the Ukrainian border, to the separatist regions around the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, or move

Observers also discovered many signs that Russia is moving vehicles and weapons from the east to the west, near the Ukrainian border.

Yevgeny Buzhinsky, a retired Russian lieutenant general who regularly participates in television commentary programs, predicted that Ukraine would `provoke and spark a limited war` with Russia.

`There will not be convoys of tanks entering Ukraine,` General Buzhinsky said.

During talks in Geneva last week, Russian diplomats continued to emphasize that the country had no plans to attack Ukraine, but appeared to signal other military moves.

This coincides with US intelligence assessments that Russia is likely considering deploying new nuclear weapons, possibly tactical nuclear weapons or hypersonic missiles, close to the US and its allies.

The Russian President has repeatedly said that the prospect of the West expanding its military presence in Ukraine poses an unacceptable risk, because it could lead to the risk of a nuclear attack on Russia just minutes after the warning.

`From the beginning of next year, we will have a new type of missile launched from the sea at supersonic speed. The time it takes the missile to reach the target is 5 minutes,` Putin said at the end of November 2021.

However, Putin said he would only deploy this type of missile in response to `provocative` moves from the West, while at a recent meeting, US President Joe Biden told his Russian counterpart that

US officials also said there have been no moves to show that Russia is implementing a plan to bring hypersonic missiles closer to the US.

`Even if the scenario of Russia attacking Ukraine occurs, America’s security will not be weakened. Meanwhile, the overall logic of Moscow’s actions is that Washington and NATO are the ones who have to pay a heavy price,`

If current tensions continue to escalate, US officials assess that Russia may conduct a cyber attack campaign with increasing or decreasing levels depending on the political situation.

The US Department of Homeland Security has long warned that Russian hackers have injected malicious code into many US power grids.

The blow from Russia can make the West worried

Russia deploys troops around Ukraine.

No one, including Russia’s top diplomats, knows what Putin’s next move will be.

Andrey Kortunov, general director of the Russian Council of International Affairs think tank, said Russia’s response could be flexible and would not necessarily involve Ukraine.

Russian analysts believe that in addition to Moscow’s increasingly drastic military stance, the US is also particularly sensitive to the close military cooperation between Russia and China.

The Kremlin once noted that instead of Russia, Biden sees China as the most difficult and long-term opponent to deal with, both economically, militarily, and technologically.

`The US does not want to increase its military presence in Europe. If it does, it will have to pay the price on the front of superpower competition with China,` said analyst Suslov.

According to NY Times commentators, it is possible that all of Russia’s recent moves are just `wind blows` to annoy the US and the West, but are a way to remind Biden that while he wants to focus his efforts on

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