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The body of an Indian Covid-19 patient was thrown from the ambulance

The body of an Indian Covid-19 patient was thrown from the ambulance 3
The body of an Indian Covid-19 patient was thrown from the ambulance 3

The ambulance door latch broke when the driver entered a curve at high speed on April 23, right outside the gate of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University in Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh state, causing the body of a Covid-19 patient to scatter.

It is unclear how many bodies were inside the vehicle.

`The incident happened when hospital staff were taking the patient’s body for cremation. The car was too old, donated by a non-governmental organization, and the door had been broken for a long time, so the above situation happened,` Sunil

The body of a Covid-19 patient was thrown from an Indian ambulance

An ambulance threw the body of a Covid-19 patient onto the street in Vidisha on April 23.

Family members waiting outside said the hospital often did not hand over their relatives’ bodies in time.

`My relative passed away but the hospital did not provide detailed information. We don’t even know if he died tonight or last night. No one told us anything. We waited outside.

Omvati Ahirwar said her mother died of Covid-19 but the hospital did not notify her in time.

Vidisha district leader said `everyone wants to know news about their loved ones. This concern is legitimate, but we cannot allow family members to arbitrarily enter the hospital.`

`They are angry because no one answers the phone. Doctors are too busy treating patients. They cannot answer every call. We will try to improve the situation,` he said, explaining the delay in handover.

The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Vidisha has continuously increased in recent days.

India is struggling with the second wave of Covid-19, with more than 300,000 new infections per day in recent days, and the health system is overwhelmed due to lack of oxygen and hospital beds.

The Indian health system is overloaded under pressure from a wave of infection outbreaks.

At a hospital in Maharashtra state, western India, an oxygen tank leak interrupted the oxygen supply system for critically ill patients.

In the capital New Delhi, more than 10 hospitals on the night of April 20 simultaneously announced that the medical oxygen reserves of their units were only enough for a few hours.

`The whole country is lacking oxygen. The situation is extremely gloomy,` Shashank Joshi, a member of the Covid-19 task force in Maharashtra state, emphasized.

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