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The Democratic Party is ‘sitting on fire’ because of the specter of defeat in 2016

The Democratic Party is 'sitting on fire' because of the specter of defeat in 2016 2
The Democratic Party is 'sitting on fire' because of the specter of defeat in 2016 2

The nervous atmosphere from the Democratic side seems to largely stem from the desire to eliminate the complacency of voters who think that Joe Biden is certain of victory.

When recent survey results showed that Biden was widening the gap over Trump, Democrats immediately reacted violently on social networks.

The crowd supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden cheered when he arrived in the city of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, on September 30.

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, a left-wing research group and longtime supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, likened the prospect of President Trump being re-elected to `a shocking disaster.`

`If I told you there was only a 25% chance of your house being bombed tomorrow, you wouldn’t feel secure at all. I think that’s similar to the situation today,` Tanden compared.

On October 9, when asked if the `wound` from four years ago still existed, Guy Cecil, president of the Priorities USA advocacy group that once supported Clinton, and now Biden, joked that he `didn’t know anything.`

`We’re making good use of that fear,` Cecil said, pointing to increased Democratic organizing and fundraising.

Cecil’s point is at least accurate when looking at the amount of donations.

Money is also being poured into congressional races and not just in traditional battleground states.

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe said he had `never witnessed such a level of eagerness to donate` to Democrats, a phenomenon he assessed as a combination of anticipation of Biden’s victory and anxiety

`I’m very happy to see Democrats acting like that, because 2016 is engraved in everyone’s minds,` McAuliffe recalled that Mrs. Clinton was ahead in the polls, but still failed.

However, Democrats hardly need reminding.

Meanwhile, the surveyors still believe in the numbers they give, even though both Democrats and Republicans, for different reasons, doubt them.

`My concern is whether we’re being accurate about what’s going on. A lot of things are ambiguous and we need to communicate them, but numbers are just numbers. We

The Democratic Party is 'sitting on fire' because of the specter of defeat in 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke at a campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on October 2.

When asked about Democrats’ concerns that Biden-supporting voters are likely to stay home because of overconfidence, Murray commented that the dynamics of this year’s campaign are much different than the previous four years.

`Part of the reason people didn’t vote in 2016 was that they really didn’t feel any candidate had the ability to change their lives in a profound way, even though they hated one candidate more than the other.

According to CNN commentators Gregory Krieg and Dan Merica, Democrats are increasingly tense because Trump and some Republican lawmakers are trying to control the voting process, or cast doubt on the election results.

Therefore, groups supporting Biden are focusing heavily on mobilizing voters, especially progressive youth, to vote and ensure their votes are counted.

`We want a resounding victory. This goal is extremely important to all of us. Everyone should not stop taking action. There is good news, but the situation can change. Based on current developments

Democrats’ attitude toward polls is now in contrast to a few months ago, when survey results had a significant influence on the direction of the primary election.

`Calls for calm never work when you’re surrounded by fire,` Hogan said.

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