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The lives of female stars ‘making the best money in Thailand’

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The lives of female stars 'making the best money in Thailand' 2
The lives of female stars 'making the best money in Thailand' 2

During Tet, Chompoo Araya (real name Araya Alberta Hargate, 42 years old) posted a photo of making offerings to ancestors according to Chinese custom.

Chompoo said he values family meals, traditional rituals and likes Lunar New Year.

Chompoo and his wife’s ancestral feast on December 30.

Thai media identified Nott Visrut – Chompoo Araya as the most admirable and model family in showbiz in this country.

Chompoo Araya is of mixed British and Thai descent, and his family is rich through real estate business and many other fields.

The couple has been dating since 2009 and got married in 2015. The Bangkok Post once said that billionaire Nott Visrut’s family is very fond of and loves Chompoo Araya because she is willing to retire and be the rearguard, giving birth to three children.

The lives of female stars 'making the best money in Thailand'

Chompoo Araya’s gorgeous wedding

Chompoo and Nott Visrut’s wedding in 2015. Video: Narakorn

In many conversations with friends, Nott Visrut often praises his wife for being diligent, liking to cook in the kitchen, and taking care of her husband and children.

For the past 13 years, every June 28 – Chompoo’s birthday, the billionaire posts photos of his partner on his personal page, expressing his love and giving her expensive items such as super cars, villas, designer bags…

The lives of female stars 'making the best money in Thailand'

Chompoo’s family vacationed for 10 days in Japan earlier this year.

According to TeeNee, the billionaire admires and agrees with the way Chompoo teaches his children.

The actor respects his children’s preferences but does not compromise with unreasonable demands.

`In the future, no matter how difficult, disappointing or sad you are, remember that your parents always wait for you and love you unconditionally,` she said and affirmed: `Happiness is actually very simple. There are no excuses.`

The billionaire showed off photos with his wife at an event in June 2022.

At the age of 42, Chompoo still maintains his position as a top star and his career is increasingly flourishing, according to The Standard.

Currently, she prioritizes advertising photography and attending a number of domestic events and important international fashion festivals.

Chompoo wears a Dior outfit to show off her 42-year-old figure. Photo: Instagram Chomismaterialgirl

In addition, the movies she starred in are still among the top most re-watched such as: The War with Lovers, Assassin’s Code, Strawberry Garden of Love, Flaming Sands, Passionate Marriage, God of Matchmaking…

Celebrities top the list of the best-earning female stars in the country, with income coming from advertising, singing, filming and attending events.

Chompoo sings ‘I just want to know’

Chompoo Araya and junior PP Krit (real name Krit Amnuaydechkorn) sang the duet song `I Just Want to Know` on the show The Wall Song, while pregnant with their youngest daughter.

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