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The spiciest festival in the world

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The spiciest festival in the world 1
The spiciest festival in the world 1

Until next time, every September, the picturesque town located in southern Italy joyfully and full of excitement organizes the Chilli Pepper Festival.

Eating spicy food is a habit in Diamante.

The highlight of the chili festival is the competition to find the best chili eater among the 10 contestants.

Capocchiano clearly has an endless passion for chili peppers.

This year, Capocchiano and nine other competitors will participate in a race to find the new crown for chili lovers.

The 10 contestants will be closely supervised by judges and doctors as they begin swallowing grams of chopped hot peppers.

The spiciest festival in the world

Chili-eating contestants must have stomachs made of steel and asbestos.

The winner will receive a free one-week hotel stay for two people and a pick-up to the airport.

To win – according to Capocchiano – you must be a person with a cool head and a stomach made of steel and asbestos.

Besides the competition, the festival also includes a food fair – a place to display fresh chili peppers and chili-inspired jewelry – or cooking shows and fashion shows.

During the days of the festival, walls in cities and houses are decorated with colorful green, red, and yellow peppers strung on strings.

For Italians, chili peppers, in addition to treating colds and bronchitis, are also a `bedroom miracle drug`.

The spiciest festival in the world

People here believe that chili can ward off evil spirits.

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