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The two states have different ways of calculating votes in the US

The two states have different ways of calculating votes in the US 5
The two states have different ways of calculating votes in the US 5

Democratic candidate Joe Biden surprised this year by winning the second congressional district of Nebraska, gaining another valuable electoral vote when the race with opponent Donald Trump is very tight.

Maine and Nebraska are two quite special states in the US presidential election, because they have very different voting methods compared to the other 48 states.

According to US federal regulations, states with more than one congressman must be divided into congressional districts, each district can only elect one representative in the House of Representatives.

The application of the `winner takes all` principle or voting by `congressional district` is decided by the states themselves.

The remaining electoral votes will be allocated to the popular vote winner in each state’s congressional district.

President Donald Trump campaigned in Omaha, Nebraska on October 27.

Congressional district voting was first introduced in Maine in 1972 and in Nebraska in 1991.

After seceding from Massachusetts in 1820, which used `congressional district` allocation of electoral votes, Maine continued this voting method until the 1828 election.

But in 1972, Maine decided to abandon the traditional `winner takes all` form of voting, after the election race between three candidates, Richard Nixon of the Republican Party, Hubert Humphrey of the Democratic Party, and independent candidate George.

This `three-horse` race has raised concerns that the electoral votes will go to the candidate who does not receive more than half of the state’s popular vote.

Nearly 20 years later, the state of Nebraska also applied this form of voting, when local lawmakers wanted to attract the attention of presidential candidates.

Nebraska’s second congressional district, the suburbs containing the city of Omaha, is a place with a history of competition between the Republican and Democratic campaigns.

In 2008, former president Barack Obama narrowly won in this area and won one electoral vote from Nebraska.

In Maine, Biden is expected to win three of the state’s four electoral votes.

In the presidential election, candidates from both parties need to win at least 270 electoral votes to be elected and some political analysts do not rule out the possibility that Trump and Biden both win 269 votes.

`Most likely, the presidential race will not be decided by one electoral vote, but the reality is that the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska and Maine could have an impact on this race,` said Kyle Kondik,

The two states have different ways of calculating votes in the US

Jill Biden, wife of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, campaigned for her husband in Papillion, Nebraska in September. Photo: Omaha World-Herald.

That’s why President Trump recently went to Nebraska to campaign on the evening of October 27, while Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in the blue state of Maine last week.

Jill Biden, the Democratic candidate’s wife, also went to Maine to campaign for the second time on October 27 to try to win the support of voters in the 2nd Congressional District. Senator Kamala Harris

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