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The US develops weapons to destroy ballistic missiles from space

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The US develops weapons to destroy ballistic missiles from space 0
The US develops weapons to destroy ballistic missiles from space 0

A US THAAD terminal high-altitude missile interception system.

Facing strong developments in Russia and China’s missile programs, the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) recently restarted the program to develop a state-of-the-art weapon that can destroy many missiles.

Ballistic missiles have three phases of travel: the altitude phase starting from launch until the propellant uses up all its fuel to help the missile penetrate the atmosphere;

MOKV is designed to destroy missiles in their mid-stage, when the missile is flying in space and the warhead begins to separate.

To solve this problem, MOKV is equipped with sensors and high-speed microprocessor computers, helping it clearly distinguish between missile warheads and meteorite fragments.

In addition, MOKV can simultaneously destroy ballistic missiles and all suspicious objects around it, in order to deal with the increasingly sophisticated missile warhead diversion technology of opponents.

In a scenario where the US is attacked, the opponent can launch many real warheads, along with `decoy` warheads to fool the defense system.

The US develops weapons to destroy ballistic missiles from space

An American SM-3 interceptor missile.

Due to the important nature of the MOKV system, the Pentagon has chosen the biggest names in military technology, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, as contractors to develop this program.

Previously, the Pentagon tried to develop a similar project but temporarily canceled it in 2009 after former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates commented that `there are significant technical challenges and need to be evaluated.`

However, Steve Nicholls, director of high-tech programs at missile manufacturing corporation Raytheon, said that this is the time to resume this ambitious program.

The late US president’s idea was to build a completely sealed and solid shield against a massive ballistic missile attack from the Soviet Union on the US.

Mr. Doug Graham, deputy general manager in charge of missile technology at Lockheed Martin, called MOKV an important step in changing the very high capital costs of missile shield systems.

`Our engineers will apply breakthrough thinking to create a system with extremely high performance, operating outside the atmosphere and flying at speeds of thousands of kilometers per hour,` Mr. Graham affirmed.

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