Three manners that harm your child

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Three manners that harm your child 4
Three manners that harm your child 4

Polite behavior is the standard that many parents set for their children, and society also considers it a measure of parental education.

Here are three bad manners that are harmful to your children:

1. Force your child to yield to younger children

Many parents impose that older children must yield to younger children, but this polite attitude can hurt children’s sense of ownership.

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This concept of `respecting the upper to the lower` makes children confused about having to give their property to someone else, just because the other person is younger.

2. Force children to say hello

You can encounter this situation in many places: A mother and her child go to the supermarket and meet a close friend.

Greeting is a basic social etiquette, a skill that every child is trained in.

Don’t forget, a child’s reluctance to say hello is completely normal, stemming from feeling strange, or unhappy, or simply because the child is paying attention to something else.

For children who are sensitive and wary of strangers, becoming close will take a lot of time.

Teaching your child to greet properly means turning yourself into a role model for the child. For example, the mother can actively be warm and cheerful with guests, while the child observes the mother to learn.

3. Make children humble when praised

Humility is a good virtue, but in some situations, forcing children to be humble will cause them to lose confidence.

For example, a mother lets her child practice riding a bike.

This seemingly innocuous statement had a great impact on the boy.

Before every compliment, the first thing parents do is not to humbly refuse, but to learn to accept it.

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