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Three people who tested positive again tested negative for nCoV

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Three people who tested positive again tested negative for nCoV 1
Three people who tested positive again tested negative for nCoV 1

Mr. Nguyen Trong Dien, Director of the Department of Health of Quang Ninh province, said, `patient 52`, an international student returning from the UK;

`Patient 36`, the maid of businessman Binh Thuan, also tested negative again on April 26, according to Dr. Dinh The Hung, Director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control.

`Patient 137`, from Nghe An, returned from Germany and tested negative 6 times before testing positive again. There are currently no new test results.

`Patient 188`, an employee of Truong Sinh company, was previously treated in Ha Nam. After testing positive again, he was admitted to the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital.

All re-positive cases are treated again from the beginning and closely monitored for health developments.

Quang Ninh doctors treat Covid-19 patients.

Mr. Dien said that the disease progression of the two cases is very complicated, so doctors are not subjective.

It is unclear why the patient tested positive again.

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Binh, Deputy Head of General Planning Department, Central Tropical Diseases Hospital, said that doctors only confirmed that the patient tested positive again, there was not enough evidence to confirm reinfection, because when testing only

The Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology was recommended to culture the virus from patient samples.

To date, Vietnam has recorded 5 cases testing positive again, in addition, `patient 22` tested positive again right before returning to the UK, and tested negative again while in the UK.

The world recorded hundreds of positive cases again, such as in China and South Korea, but these cases did not infect people around them.

Thuy Quynh – Chile – Vietnam

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