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‘Top Gun 2’: Mission impossible in the air

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'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air 1
'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air 1

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Trailer Top Gun Maverick (2022)

Trailer `Top Gun: Maverick`, opens in theaters from May 27.

The work is a sequel to Top Gun (1986), an action project inspired by the US government’s naval pilot training program of the same name, set 36 years after the events in part one.

One day, former teammate Iceman (Val Kilmer) – now an admiral – summons Maverick for a special mission.

Top Gun: Maverick’s script follows the motif of Hollywood action blockbusters of the late 20th century. The film’s story is simple, divided into a classic three-act structure.

'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air

Tom Cruise reappears as Pete Mitchell (Maverick).

The second act of the movie focuses on the action scenes of Maverick and his group of students.

The 1986 film was once compared to an effective recruitment advertising campaign for the US Navy.

Male lead Pete Mitchell still maintains his assertive, generous but rebellious personality, not complying with the military’s strict rules.

'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air

Jennifer Connelly (left) plays Penny – Maverick’s ex-girlfriend.

The appeal of the movie comes from the dramatic action sequences.

Besides the story about teamwork, Top Gun: Maverick is a statement about Tom Cruise’s lifestyle and filmmaking.

Christopher McQuarrie – the project’s screenwriter – once said during the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in mid-May: `Tom Cruise always has one goal in his career. That is when he conquers a milestone, he must

That enthusiasm is expressed by Tom Cruise through Maverick.

With Maverick, there are no limits for humans in their endeavors, like the sky in front of his cockpit, always expanding endlessly.

'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air

Miles Teller as Rooster.

Top Gun: Maverick is like a song praising the unlimited potential of humans.

This direction is also a major upgrade of the film compared to the previous part.

'Top Gun 2': Mission impossible in the air

Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand movie Top Gun Maverick

Lady Gaga sings `Hold My Hand` – soundtrack `Top Gun 2`.

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