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Trump sparred with the American press on social networks

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Trump sparred with the American press on social networks 0
Trump sparred with the American press on social networks 0

During the US presidential campaign, Mr. Trump repeatedly criticized the media and press for being unfair.

After being elected the 45th US president, Donald Trump, who has 14 million followers on Twitter, promised to `extremely restrain` his use of social networks on November 11.

`Wow, the New York Times is losing thousands of readers because of poor quality and false reporting about the ‘Trump phenomenon,’` he wrote.

Mr. Trump mentioned the letter sent to readers by Arthur Sulzberger Jr, publisher of the New York Times, and editor-in-chief Dean Baquet on November 11.

`We believe we have reported fairly on both candidates in the presidential campaign,` quoted a letter from the New York Times.

After Mr. Trump went on Twitter to criticize the New York Times, the newspaper responded on November 14 with a tweet: `Dear Mr. Trump, the number of new viewers, the number of print publications and the number of electronic newspaper readers has increased fourfold.

At noon on November 13, he continued to tweet: `The New York Times today reported that DJT (Donald John Trump) said `more countries need to possess nuclear weapons`. That is a lie.

However, the New York Times said that president-elect Donald Trump remembered wrongly.

Previously, a former White House reporter criticized Donald Trump’s transition team for not announcing to reporters that President-elect Trump had left Washington for New York.

`It’s absolutely unacceptable,` said Wolf Blitzer, currently a reporter for CNN.

After meeting with President Obama, Mr. Trump and his team left for New York without informing reporters.

`The White House Correspondents Association is deeply concerned by President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to refuse the practice of traveling with reporters during his first visit to Washington after the election,` said Jeff Mason, president of the association.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokeswoman, later appeased the media and press by promising to comply with the practice in the future.

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