Trump was sad to hear that supporters incited violence

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Trump was sad to hear that supporters incited violence 0
Trump was sad to hear that supporters incited violence 0

Donald Trump said he was very sad to hear about supporters inciting violence.

Protests against President-elect Donald Trump took place in many places across the United States after election day.

He said that he had never heard of any acts of violence committed in his name by or against his supporters.

Talking to host Lesley Stahl, Mr. Trump added that he did not know of any news that his supporters racially insulted or threatened African Americans, Latinos and homosexuals.

`I was very surprised to hear the news,` he told Stahl, `I was very upset to hear the news, let me emphasize that I was very upset to hear the news.`

`But have you ever heard the news?`

`I didn’t hear anyone say it, but I saw it. I saw one or two cases,` Mr. Trump replied.

`On social networks?`

`I think it’s just a very small number,` Mr. Trump said.

When asked by Stahl what message he wanted to give to the supporters who caused the above acts, he said:

`I would say don’t do that, it’s terrible, ’cause I’m going to unite the country,’` Mr. Trump said.

`They’re harassing Latinos and Muslims,` Lesley Stahl said.

`I’m very sad to hear the news. Please stop. If this helps, I will say it and say it to the camera: ‘Stop,’` Mr. Trump said.

`Don’t be afraid. We will bring the country back,` Trump said.

Trump announced that he would keep his commitment to build a wall on the border with Mexico, which could include some fencing.

Trump did not reverse the decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the US.

It is estimated that millions of Americans watch `60 Minutes` for signs about how the president-elect runs his government and how he incorporates his campaign slogan into policy.

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