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Two kids earned more than $30,000 from mining cryptocurrency

Two kids earned more than $30,000 from mining cryptocurrency 6
Two kids earned more than $30,000 from mining cryptocurrency 6

Ishaan Thakur (14 years old) and his sister Aanya (9 years old) spent the summer building a profitable cryptocurrency mining company.

`We started the job because we wanted to learn something new about technology and also wanted to earn some money from it,` my brother Ishaan shared.

To earn a large amount of money, two brothers living in Texas (USA) had to learn how to mine, which is not a simple job.

Ishaan said: `Mining cryptocurrency is like mining gold or diamonds. Instead of using a shovel, we mine with a computer. Instead of finding a gold bar or a diamond in a mine, we find

After watching YouTube videos and searching the internet, Ishaan converted an Alienware, a popular gaming computer, into an ether mining `rig` in April. Instead of spending the summer playing games

The brothers started with ether, because mining bitcoin is much more difficult.

Ishaan Thakur (14 years old) and his sister – Aanya (9 years old).

To make their business official, Ishaan and Aanya established their own mining company.

Ishaan and Aanya’s income continued to increase, and by the end of July, they could afford to buy themselves equipment such as Antminers and Nvidia RTX 3080-Ti graphics cards, to start mining bitcoin and ravencoin.

Even though Ishaan and Aanya were successful, the process was not easy.

Ishaan and Aanya have more than 97 handles with a huge amount of money that both of them did not disclose specifically.

In addition, the two brothers always use renewable energy to mine virtual currency because they want to be environmentally friendly.

Ishaan’s brother said: `We moved from the desk to the garage because the house was getting too much heat and noise. Currently the brothers only use the garage to build and test virtual currency mining rigs.`

Ishaan and Aanya can afford to expand their operations, but in the future, the two children hope to continue growing their business while balancing their studies.

In addition, the profits from mining virtual money will be used by the two brothers to pay for their future college tuition.

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