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US aircraft carrier sailor: ‘Mom, I feel like I’m about to die’

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US aircraft carrier sailor: 'Mom, I feel like I'm about to die' 3
US aircraft carrier sailor: 'Mom, I feel like I'm about to die' 3

On April 4, the fever began, followed by chest and leg pain, an anonymous female sailor on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt revealed on April 13.

The female sailor repeatedly requested to be tested and was approved.

`I just wanted to bring her soup. My daughter said: ‘Mom, I feel like I’m going to die’. I was completely helpless when I knew my daughter, half a world away from me, was infected with a dangerous virus and was completely sick.

USS Theodore Roosevelt anchored at Guam military port on April 10.

Many soldiers on the ship have revealed the process of Covid-19 spreading on the USS Theodore Roosevelt within two weeks, presenting a gray picture of the epidemic response situation on the warship when they cannot practice social distancing.

Most of the sailors and their families wanted to remain anonymous because they feared retribution.

A sailor positive for nCoV affirmed that he wanted to stay on the ship, instead of going to the quarantine area at the Guam base because of overcrowding, lack of necessities, filth and monotonous food.

US Navy spokesman J. Myers Vasquez denied some information, saying sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt will be tested and quarantined if they have flu-like symptoms.

People without symptoms are also tested and it takes about three days to wait for results from the laboratory in Korea.

`Naval medical specialists assess the health of quarantined people twice a day, food and clothing are delivered to them. Sailors can use wifi to connect with commanders, families and friends.

However, some sailors said the situation on the USS Theodore Roosevelt was still very bad after two weeks of suspending its duties and anchoring at Guam military port.

Many young soldiers began to worry while racing against time to disinfect the ship.

The Pentagon announced last weekend that 92% of the crew had been tested, of which more than 3,700 people had been evacuated, close to the limit set by the US Navy.

`It’s a feeling of helplessness, complete helplessness. We should be taking care of our child. I know he’s grown up, but he’s always been my little boy,` Renea Blakewood, mother of a sailor

Elizabeth Paz, a resident of Oklahoma, immediately sent a text message to her 19-year-old daughter, who was on her first deployment on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

US aircraft carrier sailor: 'Mom, I feel like I'm about to die'

US soldiers disinfect folding beds at the quarantine area in Guam on April 9.

`Please express your need for care. If you are sick, I can call so you can talk to the doctor. I really want to take you home. Epidemics can happen very quickly, you can get sick.`

An officer on the ship said the sailors on the ship were mentally disturbed.

After a few quiet days, Paz’s phone rang with a text message at 4:30 a.m. on April 2.

However, Paz’s daughter was not tested even though she had close contact with the patient and had symptoms.

The situation continued to deteriorate on the Roosevelt.

`My daughter was confirmed to have Covid-19. She is healthy but very uncomfortable. She was taken off the ship and is sleeping on a folding bed in the galley,` a mother wrote on a Facebook group for families.

The female sailor who had to self-treat still did not have a mask and continued to work while waiting for test results. She still slept in a bunk bed, next to her teammate who had no symptoms.

`You have to wear a mask, where can you find a mask?`, her mother said over the phone.

`I feel like my child is in jail. My friends say he is young, healthy and will be fine, but he is not their child,` the mother said.

Elizabeth Paz then also received a text message informing her she was negative for nCoV from her daughter.

The mother of the female sailor who had to self-treat was dissatisfied.

`I was mentally prepared because he had all the symptoms for the past week. I was very worried and scared. They left a person suspected of being infected with nCoV on the ship for 6 days, did not quarantine and did not give masks. That’s it.`

Four US aircraft carriers, including Nimitz, Ronald Reagan, Carl Vinson and Theodore Roosevelt, along with a number of other warships, have reported sailors infected with nCoV.

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