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Vietnamese international students in the US advise each other to ‘slowly return home’

Vietnamese international students in the US advise each other to 'slowly return home' 4
Vietnamese international students in the US advise each other to 'slowly return home' 4

Without sleep for the past 24 hours, Nguyen Quynh, a third-year student at a university in Indiana, continuously held her phone to check all the posts and read all the messages in the groups she created on Facebook.

While reading the message, Quynh followed the website of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US and authorities in Vietnam to update the situation.

Quynh also assisted in drawing up a list of international students who are still in the US but wish to return home due to force majeure to transfer to the Embassy according to this agency’s announcement;

These actions are all voluntary by Quynh.

Nguyen Quynh has been sitting on the phone for three days updating information and calling for support for international students stuck in the US.

Quynh shared that she had been pondering whether to stay in America or return all this time.

Quynh knows that many cases with symptoms of nCoV infection are only required to self-isolate, not tested or centrally quarantined.

On the evening of March 19, Quynh bought a ticket to return to Vietnam with the schedule Philadelphia – Dallas – Tokyo – Ho Chi Minh City.

Stuck at the airport for 6 hours, Quynh talked to international students in the same situation as her.

For some students from schools in the suburbs like Quynh, there is no personal vehicle and the supermarket is very far away. If the city is blocked, international students will not know how to buy food.

Luckily, Quynh had an acquaintance in Texas who came to stay.

From the information people shared at the airport, Quynh texted each person asking for Facebook and then created a group.

`The number of infections in Vietnam is increasing rapidly, the Government is struggling to support. Quarantine areas are gradually overloaded. Returning international students, unarranged quarantine places will put great pressure on the government and you.

The female student called on her friends to `slowly return home` and was supported by parents and other international students.

An international student wrote: `We thank you very much. We are not our biological parents, but we are still worried about us and our friends who are stuck like their own children. They have helped us feel secure.`

Vietnamese international students in the US advise each other to 'slowly return home'

These messages help international students feel calmer and stronger.

Quynh is very happy because the group she created has connected everyone.

`When the domestic epidemic eases and the quarantine area is not overloaded, I hope that force majeure cases that have to return home will be supported,` Quynh said.

Currently, Vietnam has about 190,000 international students, of which the largest number are in the US – 29,000.

For Vietnamese citizens in the US who really need to return home due to force majeure, if there is no longer a flight to return to Vietnam, the Embassy recommends registering the need.

By the morning of March 25, Covid-19 appeared in 195 countries and territories.

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