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Warning signs of brain tumor

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Warning signs of brain tumor 8
Warning signs of brain tumor 8

Most brain tumor symptoms are also common with many other conditions.


Seizures are often the first symptom of a brain tumor, and seizures occur many times before a brain tumor is detected.

Hypertonic seizures: cause the body to tremble at different levels.

Myoclonic seizures: cause unpleasant muscle twitching without loss of consciousness.

Sensory seizures: lead to changes in vision such as seeing flashing lights, strange sense of smell, smirking lips, or other sensory symptoms.


Up to half of people with brain tumors have headaches.

Vomiting can be a sign of a brain tumor.


Symptoms of brain tumors also include vomiting, especially in the morning.

Change perception

Memory: At first, forgetfulness usually does not affect work or life much, but it will tend to get worse as the tumor develops over time.

Problem solving: tasks such as doing simple math, writing sentences, setting up a chess board or following a formula can become difficult in the presence of a tumor.

Concentration: people with brain tumors are more distracted and they have difficulty staying on task, taking longer to complete basic tasks than usual.

Confusion: symptoms can vary from mild confusion such as not understanding the nuances of conversation to more severe symptoms, such as not realizing why routine events are happening

Spatial problems: problems with spatial perception cause a person to be clumsy in determining direction or perceiving depth.

Loss of consciousness

Increased intracranial pressure can cause loss of consciousness due to progressive fatigue, leading to unconsciousness, or due to pressure on the brainstem causing sudden loss of consciousness and progression to coma.

Changes in personality or mood

Adults with brain tumors sometimes experience personality changes.

Vision and hearing problems

Physical changes

Change the voice

Symptoms of brain tumors overlap with symptoms of other diseases, causing confusion and difficulty in recognizing them.

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