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Wawrinka: ‘One day Djokovic will win the French Open’

Wawrinka: 'One day Djokovic will win the French Open' 2
Wawrinka: 'One day Djokovic will win the French Open' 2

Stan Wawrinka is only the eighth seed of the recently concluded French Open.

Wawrinka’s victory caused Djokovic to miss another appointment at the French Open.

Wawrinka defeated Djokovic, but still admitted that his opponent was stronger, and on a different level.

`I’m sure Novak will win the French Open one day, because he’s very strong. The way he played in the last two weeks was amazing,` Wawrinka said after winning the title.

Wawrinka had to come back from losing the first set of the final to end Djokovic’s streak of 28 consecutive wins.

`That’s the only way I have to play to be able to beat Novak at his peak,` Wawrinka said.

He added: `Actually, until now I’m still surprised with the way I was able to play against Novak. I think I played an amazing match in this final. I felt nervous, but I didn’t.`

Wawrinka: 'One day Djokovic will win the French Open'

Novak Djokovic 1-3 Stan Wawrinka

Wawrinka won third place in the ATP rankings early last year, after winning the Australian Open.

Therefore, he himself admitted: `It seems strange even when I tell myself that I have a gold medal at the Davis Cup and two Grand Slam titles. That is amazingly wonderful.`

The last time Wawrinka lost form was in April this year, right around the time he decided to divorce his wife Ilham Vuilloud.

`The important thing for an athlete is that you can devote all your attention to yourself and to what you are doing. Sometimes you have to accept some sacrifices,` Wawrinka explained about the second time.

Wawrinka: 'One day Djokovic will win the French Open'

Wawrinka is still surprised by the achievement he just achieved at the clay Grand Slam.

With a new position, fourth, in the world rankings, Wawrinka is naturally among the candidates at the upcoming Wimbledon.

`I’m not as strong as the big four of modern tennis. They take turns winning everything. But I’m strong enough to win a few major titles at some point in the years. I’m not

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