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Western teachers show Vietnamese people 1,001 tips for learning English

Western teachers show Vietnamese people 1,001 tips for learning English 31
Western teachers show Vietnamese people 1,001 tips for learning English 31

Jesse Peterson, an English teacher, just sent this article to VnExpress:

First of all,  I want to talk about some of the big mistakes I’ve seen and heard, and some signs that tell you whether or not you’re having a good and effective English class.

Teachers need to talk less than students.

I see that some students really like this way of teaching because the way they speak is very attractive, but they don’t realize that they are going to school, not watching a comedy show.

Teachers have activities that `waste` time… such as teachers photocopying assignments and giving them to students to do in class.

The teacher plays the songs for students to listen to and fill in the blanks.

Games are used too often in the classroom.

Students do not come to class on time.

A few months ago, I moved from Thai Binh to Hanoi and took a communication English class.

And in the process, I took a deep dive into how language classes are taught.

I want students to work hard.

In class, students will basically take the initiative in activities.

Classes begin with a fifteen-minute phonics warm-up.

Classroom activities focus on different aspects of speech.

First, prepare the speech in written (written) form.

Second, impromptu speech.

Third, react quickly to prepared questions/surprise questions in many different situations.

Fourth, present to the class.

Leadership skills.




It is indeed a method with many stages.

But fortunately, I was wrong.

Activities and homework become more complex and creative.

It takes years to master a language, and the only way is through continuous study and good study habits.

Teaching and learning foreign languages in Vietnam in general, and English in particular, is mostly not highly effective.

Although there are many extensive studies on foreign language teaching and learning methods in Vietnam, in reality, it seems that not many people are `interested` in improving the way English is taught to Vietnamese people and also the way they learn the language.

Everyone needs to realize that the final result of learning a foreign language and making progress depends on themselves, and does not depend on a reputable center or the amount of money they spend.

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Jesse Peterson

Western teachers explain why it is difficult for Vietnamese people to learn English

My mother came to Vietnam to visit me and was very confused because she couldn’t understand the English of her Vietnamese neighbors.

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