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When Messi is lonely

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When Messi is lonely 0
When Messi is lonely 0

The 2-8 loss to Bayern in the Champions League last season could be the turning point for Barca and Messi’s changes in the upcoming journey.

It is not easy for Lionel Messi to adapt to life in Barcelona.

From the beginning, he had to get used to the feeling of being out of place when staying in this city with his father – Jorge Messi, when he was not yet his son’s representative – in a 120 square meter apartment in the Les Corts neighborhood.

`They were bastards. They didn’t pass to me often. I didn’t understand anything, because they all spoke in Catalan. Those were the first months when I couldn’t integrate or show my qualities.

Those were Messi’s thoughts when he just returned from the Netherlands, where he and his Argentina teammates won the U20 World Cup.

Then those people left one by one, leaving him with new friends.

Then Neymar left, Arturo Vidal appeared and the alliance group added Jordi Alba – a… Spaniard, although Gerard Pique, who is very good at connecting relationships in the dressing room, always showed

Ivan Rakitic, the first person eliminated by Ronald Koeman, talked about his relationship with Messi: `I can’t say we are best friends, but Messi always treats me well.`

In an interview with Goal on September 4, Messi emphasized: `I am not alone. What happened helped me understand people’s hearts. The football world is indeed very harsh and there are many fake people.`

Messi did not specify who those people were, but discord in the Barca dressing room dates back to coach Ernesto Valverde.

But the conflict within Barca’s internal affairs became worse after coach Valverde was fired.

Many trivial issues, almost childish arguments, have crept into discussions about football.

Pepe Costa was once called a criminal during President Rosell’s scandal.

One of Koeman’s tasks is to stabilize the dressing room.

Koeman and the club’s sports management team want Messi to become the foundation of the new project.

`There has been no sports project for a long time. They are always lying and covering up. I want to compete. Now, the team has a new coach and new ideas. That’s good, but we still have to see how the team reacts.`

After all, Messi will sing songs in Catalan again, with his sons – an important factor in his decision to stay.

Now, without familiar allies off the field, Messi will learn to observe how the new Barca develops.

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