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When teachers have to ‘put students on their heads’

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When teachers have to 'put students on their heads' 9
When teachers have to 'put students on their heads' 9

Sharing about the incident `7th grade female student was forced to kneel by the teacher`, reader DuyVinh expressed his sympathy for the difficulties that teachers today face in the process of teaching bad students: `My mother is

Also sharing the teacher’s concerns, reader Tran Phuong Thao commented: `As the internet world develops more and more, everything is posted online and viewed incompletely and without objectivity.

Not supporting the use of violence against students, however, NVH readers affirmed the need for strict punishment for individual students: `I do not agree with school violence, but nowadays all the children going to school are ‘golden children’.

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Talking more about the disobedience of a large number of students today, the reader of Crimson Sails emphasized: `To tell the truth, many girls and women sit in class and talk to teachers and remind them to be ready to argue and argue bluntly.

`If we continue to tolerate and always focus on punishing teachers, who will teach our children to be good people in this society? Many parents with one or two children are helpless and there are up to 50 children at school.

Meanwhile, suggesting appropriate solutions to deal with disruptive students, reader Billard shared his opinion: `Teachers need to notify and discuss with families and administrators about students’ desire to continue

We should not chase after achievements but must have strong, decisive and thorough sanctions to end this situation.

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