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Where beauty exists side by side with pain

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Where beauty exists side by side with pain 2
Where beauty exists side by side with pain 2

This city located in South Carolina has coastal charm and magical air plants;

At first glance, Charleston makes people imagine the dashing Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind and its luxurious carriage rides, slow nights on porches, elegant dinners… Everything here is beautifully beautiful.

Charleston is often mentioned as one of the top places in the world that you need to visit.

In America, especially the states that joined the Confederacy, the beauty of the landscape is often inseparable from history.

In the past, Charleston, like the rest of the South, thrived in part on enslaved Africans.

Where beauty exists side by side with pain

Drayton Hall, one of the oldest remaining open plantations in the South, actively encourages visitors to visit the African American cemetery on the grounds.

While traveling to Charleston with her husband, CNN travel journalist Dartinia Hull marveled at the beautiful sunset on the beach;

But something happened that confused them: an invitation to tour the plantations;

For tourists of color like Hull, a tour of this beautiful city is not always as simple as walking through an old house.

Turn onto Calhoun Street and you will pass Emanuel AME Church.

`Not everything here is beautiful,` Doug Warner, vice president at Explore Charleston, acknowledged, referring to the pain people of color have endured in the past.

According to Warner, the tourism industry in Charleston has made significant efforts to encourage hospitality businesses to create equal employment opportunities for people of color.

`Charleston has been one of the wealthiest cities in the country for the past 100 years, based on the ingenuity of West Africans. Segregation is not based or dependent on one place or one city. Racism

Where beauty exists side by side with pain

Artist Jonathan Green believes that the key to this change is education: `You can’t fight if you don’t clearly understand what you want to change.`

Today, although the debate on segregation has not come to an end.

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