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Where beer is considered king

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Where beer is considered king 1
Where beer is considered king 1

The heavy beer season (Starkbierzeit) lasts for 3 weeks, held in spring, when the weather is warm.

The heavy beer season is called the `5th season` by Munich people, after 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, to show their love for this festival.

This festival also has an Oktoberfest style, attracting thousands of people in traditional Bavarian costumes.

The strong beer season dates back to 1651, when it was Lent.

Where beer is considered king

Where beer is considered king

Fun atmosphere at a beer bar in Munich.

Beer garden season starts in May and lasts until October, according to Baravia.

King Ludwig I at that time allowed companies to sell beer right at the place of production but not food to protect the interests of restaurants.

Oktoberfest is the busiest and most anticipated festival season in Germany.

Because of beer, the people of Munich also rioted.

On April 23, 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV promulgated the Reinheistgebot law on beer purity, which is still in effect today.

Today, this law is also more flexible, manufacturers can add yeast to their products.

When coming to Munich, visitors can easily choose for themselves a delicious beer at the giant beer gardens located around the city.

The second shop that also attracts many tourists is Menterschwaige in the Harlaching area.

The most famous shop here is the Hofbraukeller, located in a pedestrian-only area.

Where beer is considered king

These days, the restaurant is always crowded with people.

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