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Why can Messi become PSG’s grave?

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Why can Messi become PSG's grave? 1
Why can Messi become PSG's grave? 1

It would be unfair to say that Messi does not contribute anything to defense.

Messi (left) does not need to defend to save his attack power.

PSG can play like that in Ligue 1 without any problem.

Messi plays right striker, but always wants to drift into the middle.

But when PSG made a mistake, as is often the case in key matches, Messi just walked back.

Watch Messi’s reaction below, when Mbappe lost the ball on the right wing.

Why can Messi become PSG's grave?

The situation where Mbappe lost the ball when Hakimi climbed high.

The problem is that PSG allows Man City to have space to play in the area they do best.

Man City created more opportunities than PSG, and they all came from that wing.

Why can Messi become PSG's grave?

Messi (upper left corner) did not pull back to ensure the team’s distance, leaving a large gap for De Bruyne to cross the ball into.

Messi traveled 8.6 km in this match, only better than goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma in terms of distance traveled per minute.

Mauricio Pochettino clearly understood this problem, so he arranged Ander Herrera to play on the right in a three-man midfield.

To ensure balance between the lines, Herrera was chosen rather than a better ball-playing midfielder like Gini Wijnaldum.

Messi has the privilege of a superstar when he does not need defensive support, saving his ability to dribble for attack.

PSG’s midfield does a good job of covering the front line, but they still sometimes leave space behind Messi.

There were situations in the second half where the three PSG midfielders had to pull back to the same level as the defense.

Why can Messi become PSG's grave?

In the situation in the 67th and 74th minutes, PSG contracted seven defensive players, while the three attacking players above did not appear in the frame.

Messi played lacklusterly until scoring the goal to score 2-0.

Of course, the importance of Messi’s goal cannot be eliminated.

In fact, that goal came from Messi not having to defend.

Why can Messi become PSG's grave?

Because he doesn’t need to defend much, Messi stores up energy to explode into counterattacks like this.

The goal proved Messi’s value, even though he had only played football in Paris for about a month.

Man City overwhelmed PSG.

This match could draw out the contrast between individual talent and team cohesion.

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