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World leaders once gave precious dogs to Putin

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World leaders once gave precious dogs to Putin 0
World leaders once gave precious dogs to Putin 0

Putin was given a precious dog for his birthday

The President of Turkmenistan gave Mr. Putin a precious dog.

President Vladimir Putin just celebrated his 65th birthday on October 7.

Russia has been a key gas buyer of Turkmenistan, which has the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves.

In the flash of reporters, the President of Turkmenistan said: `We have a common friend, the most unique Alabai dog breed in the world. And today I bring here this little Alabai friend.`

Mr. Putin is famous as a dog lover.

`The Russian president appears very comfortable and happy around animals,` commented Burdett Loomis, a research professor of political science at the University of Kansas.

Jan Kubik, former dean of the politics department at Rutgers University, also agreed with the above view, saying that Mr. Putin often takes photos with animals as a way to convey the message: `I am not a politician.`

Among the Russian President’s pets, the most famous is the Koni dog, a black Labrador retriever.

`Whenever I’m in a bad mood, like everyone else, I’m always there. However, I often share my thoughts with Koni. And she gives me good advice,` Mr. Putin revealed to

In 2010, when Russia and Bulgaria signed the gas deal, Putin, then serving as prime minister, received a gift of a Karakachan puppy from the Bulgarian government.

Mr. Putin was given his third dog in 2012. It was a three-month-old Akita dog known for its loyalty.

World leaders once gave precious dogs to Putin

World leaders please the Russian President with precious dogs

Russian President Putin brought his pet dog to an interview with Japanese reporters.

In addition to photos that resonate with the public, the Kremlin boss also uses pet dogs to send subtle messages.

Later, Mr. Putin said that he did not know that Mrs. Merkel was afraid of dogs.

`I understand why he had to do that, to prove that he is a man,` Mrs. Merkel replied to the press.

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